Ecoterra Crypto Presale Launches with Plans for Sustainable Web3 Recycle-to-earn App

Ecoterra, a Web3 platform for promoting sustainability and fighting back against climate change, launched its presale and raised more than $28,000 in its first 24 hours.

This eco-friendly platform aims to reward individuals and businesses for recycling while simultaneously incentivizing investment in alternative energy and tree planting projects. It’s one of the most promising blockchain-based solutions to the global issue sustainability and can be a pillar in the fight against climate change.

During Stage 1 of the presale, investors can buy Ecoterra’s native ERC-20 token, $ECOTERRA, at a price of $0.004 USDT. That represents a 150% discount from the anticipated list price of $0.01.

Recycle-to-earn app rewards users for green actions

At the heart of Ecoterra is its innovative recycle-to-earn Web3 app. This incentivizes individuals and businesses to recycle plastic and aluminum packaging materials by paying them for each item they save from the landfill.

To start earning, users simply need to scan the barcode of the items they’re planning to recycle. Ecoterra’s app contains a database of materials and will show users the reward for each item. It also has an interactive map to help users find the nearest recycling center.

Once users deposit their recyclables, they can take a photo of their receipt using the Ecoterra app. Ecoterra will then credit $ECOTERRA rewards directly to the user’s wallet.

Ecoterra users can also earn rewards for other green activities. For example, individuals who have solar panels installed on their home can take a photo of their electric bill and earn $ECOTERRA.

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Feedback loop for green investment

$ECOTERRA offers appreciation potential for investors who want to hold onto it, but the Ecoterra platform encourages re-investing it in sustainability projects.

The app offers a carbon offset marketplace where users can spend $ECOTERRA on carbon credits, tree planting efforts, or solar and wind energy investments. They can also spend $ECOTERRA to support education initiatives that teach the next generation about the importance of protecting the planet.

The result is a sustainable feedback loop in which users recycle, earn $ECOTERRA, and then support green projects that cut greenhouse gas emissions. Crypto analysts are very bullish about this model and the long-term demand it creates for $ECOTERRA.

Recyclables marketplace keeps packaging out of landfills

The Ecoterra app also includes a business-to-business marketplace where companies can buy recycled materials in bulk.


Purchasing managers can search and filter to find the recycled materials that fit their needs. Companies can also post orders and requests for speciality materials. Businesses can purchase recycled goods directly through the app using $ECOTERRA, Bitcoin, or fiat.

This is a major advance in making it easier for companies to source recycled materials and keep their spent packaging out of landfills.

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Impact profiles spotlight sustainable businesses

Companies can also benefit from Ecoterra thanks to the app’s public impact profiles. Consumers can see how much a company has recycled, how much $ECOTERRA it has invested in green projects, and their overall impact in the fight against climate change.

This is a significant competitive advantage for eco-friendly businesses. Ecoterra empowers consumers to choose companies that match their values and care about the environment.

In addition, companies can track their own packaging materials and see whether they’re being recycled by individual Ecoterra users. The analytics dashboard enables businesses to see whether specific packaging is more difficult to recycle and make changes to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Presale offers a chance to lock in the lowest price for $ECOTERRA

The Ecoterra presale offers investors, eco-friendly companies, and NGOs a chance to support the environment and lock in the lowest price for $ECOTERRA.

The presale has allocated 50% of the total supply of 2 billion tokens and is split into 9 stages. The price will rise from $0.004 USDT in Stage 1 to $0.01 USDT in Stage 9. The presale has a hard cap of $6.7 million.

Ecoterra promises to redefine how businesses approach recycling and incentivize greater investment in sustainability. $ECOTERRA is available at the Stage 1 presale price for 18 days or until tokens sell out.

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